This month I’m launching a new service bundle, Emerald City Themes, that makes getting a custom theme easy and affordable. It’s the first in a new line of services and products I’ll be creating in 2023.

Emerald City Themes bundle my some of my most popular services — custom themes and builders along with installation — into one affordable package. Each bundle includes a custom WordPress theme created on Bootstrap 5, along with built-in components , custom page builder and theme options, all installed on your WordPress hosting service and ready for your content. Clients can expand the bundle, too, with add-ons for custom page design and monthly maintenance.

You can learn more and demo the components at the Emerald City site. The demo also features Seattle history as written by ChatGPT, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

The packages are named Emerald City not only because I love Seattle, but because of what the city represents: Possibilities. These custom themes offer that same spirit of possibility to their owners, as they can be developed, expanded and scaled endlessly, and managed freely.

Emerald City Themes is among the first offerings you’ll find at the new, but not the last. More service packages as well as downloadable themes, templates and plugins are due in the coming months. 

The store, along with the products and services in it, are part of my ongoing commitment to find new and helpful ways to serve my clients.