About Me

I build websites and apps that help businesses and organizations grow.

I created my first site in 1994, and have been coding ever since. I’ve built hundreds of projects, many for innovators in technology and media. I’ve also worked with leaders in finance, design and nonprofits.

Clients know me as a natural-born problem solver — the more complex, the better — and I love developing creative solutions for them built with clean, elegant code.

I’m also a nonstop learner, earning a Masters degree and continually learning new languages and technologies.

I’m strongly committed to building a sustainable web, so I design every project to minimize your contribution to the web’s carbon footprint.

Accessibility is critically important, as everyone should be able to access your content. Everything I build is designed with accessibility in its core.

Visit my portfolio to see some recent projects or reach out to me to discuss a project or ask any questions you may have.