Earlier this year, I had the privilege of developing a state-of-the-art public notice system for Elkhorn Media Group. Now, I am delighted to announce that the system has officially gone live on the Elkhorn Media website, enhancing the way communities throughout Eastern Oregon and Southeastern Washington access vital information.

While other public notice aggregators and platforms already exist in Oregon, this system stands out by focusing on the unique needs of counties in this region. As the leading source of news and information in these communities, Elkhorn Media’s ownership adds tremendous value and significance to the notice system.

I built a robust and advanced search and filtering system for this project. Users can easily refine filters such as date, city, county, and notice type, simplifying the navigation and sorting process for notices.

The platform serves as a comprehensive resource for valuable community information. Alongside essential legal notices, users can discover local events, important announcements, and engaging updates, making it a great space for staying connected.

To explore, visit Elkhorn Media’s Public Notices section today.