About Me

I build technology solutions that accelerate my clients’ growth, by helping them better serve their customers and audience.

I started my web development journey in 1994, after working in magazine publishing and broadcast advertising. Since then I’ve brought to life countless projects, building the digital presence of pioneering tech startups and media companies as well as local businesses and nonprofits.

Known for my ability to unravel intricate problems, I thrive on meeting complex challenges with imaginative solutions and elegant code. I specialize in developing custom themes, plugins and components, including white label services for developers and agencies.

I’m driven by a desire to understand how things work, and how they could work better. I’ve earned a Masters degree and continue learning, absorbing the latest languages and technologies, ready to infuse them into my work.

Ultimately, I hope that my work is, even in a small way, helping to create a better world. Everything we build touches the lives of countless others. That’s why I’m committed to accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability throughout my work.


Everything I build is designed with accessibility at its core, so that everyone has access to your content, regardless of ability.


Beyond accessibility, inclusive design helps everyone feel welcome at your site and these values are woven into every project, whether by offering multiple ways to access your content, simplicity of design, or flexible functionality.


Every project is designed to minimize your contribution to the web's carbon footprint, which also optimizes your application’s performance.

Please feel free to contact me with the form below, or request a quote.

Be sure to visit the shop or view my portfolio.

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